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The Mayor made a most unusual entrance into the TCB meeting today and made a significant announcement regarding the progress of the new CEO appointment. I am sure that it was done with a purpose - you put your own interpretation on it.

The interviews are all completed involving an 'emminent' consultant, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Cr McClean, and 'a very high quality short list has been been further refined down from six'. A Special Council Meeting will carry out final interviews on Friday, and the appoinment finalised by the end of the month.

He made particular note of the fact the current re-organisation should not be finalised until it had been reviewed by the new CEO "should the appointee be other than the incumbent".

You can read what you like into these snippets, but my impression was that new blood can be expected, and that Steve Ruru will be moving on. The only caveat to that is that the Mayor is clearly impressed with the essential role that Steve is playing in completing the Settlement negotiations with the Hauraki Collective as far as they concern the Council - that could well involve a consultancy role for several months.

The Mayor places great store by the satisfactory completion of these negotiations.  If you consider this somewhat out of character, I would remind you of a long standing relationship that exists between the Leach and the Taipari families. There is more to this than meets the eye - I think that Leachy believes an amicable completion of these negotiations as potentially the most important achievement of his Mayoralty. And who are we to argue.




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