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Revenue & Finance Policy

The enclosure that I have posted below is probably one of the most significant documents to come out of TCDC in a long while.

It appears as an Appendix to the Revenue & Finance Policy Document that is to go to the Council on Wednesday. Study it closely - it represents a sudden willingness to escape from the clutches of the Statistics Department data (4 years old) on which so much faulty planning has been based in the past.

It is self explanatory, and shows district income information, and the consequential 'affordibility' situation in a totally new light. Remember the rationale (affordability) that was the catch cry during the debate over the 2001 motion to adopt 'district' charging of wastewater - what is good for the goose should be good for the gander etc. It supports the view that I have been putting forward for some considerable time that Thames rate-payers have been literally screwed in the manner in which rates and charges (wastewater in particular) have been calculated.

These matters have a way to run as we approach the Ten Year Plan hearings and decision making, but I hope that the Thames Councillors take very good note of the information contained in this document and as supported by the alternative (and more up-to date data) provided by the Community Prioritisation Survey 2010.

Compare the data in the last two tables, and the contrast between the Stats. NZ and the Prioritisation Survey data to see the divergence from the 5% of average household income set by the Shand Report as the desirable rating target fo all councils. It shows Thames average incomes in a completely different comparative position from that which has adopted in the past, and this can no longer be ignored.   

It makes very interesting reading that will need much closer examination than I have been able to provide in the very short time that it has been available. For a start, note the absence of water volume charges that if included would make an even more cogent case in favour of rapid rating adjustment in favour of Thames.

It is also interesting that the paper demanded by the Mayor back in March showing the respective rating and expenditure information relating to each ward within this district has failed to materialise. He loudly proclaimed at the time that it would show that Thames had received more than its fair share of resources, and that those who were claiming otherwise would be proven wrong.

We await this report with bated breath.





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