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Tourism Coromandel (2)

It seems that I may have rushed to judgement on my Tourism Coromandel post on 18 August, and in my column around the same date.

These comments brought forth a strong reaction from several in the industry who consider they have been  ill-served by TC over recent years, and that there is far too little accountability for the funds spent - most of which comes through TCDC and HDC. They ask the question as to just how accountable the new as yet un-named three member Trust will be to its Council funders.  

There is also a claim that direct contact between wholesalers and providers because of a lack of satisfaction with TC has increased, and it seems that providers will still be invited to 'buy-in' to expensive marketing initiatives, one step removed from any oversight over performance.

Complaints are made that the AGM is less than three weeks away, with no venue, nor accounts, which are of course the fundamental means by which 'checks and balances' are maintained. Members have been told that they will get to vote on the new 'deal', but get the impression that the new structure, as promoted by Mayor Glenn Leach is a 'done deal'.

It seems that there is still a great deal of water to go under the bridge on this 'behind-closed-door' deal. This modus operandi has has been the stock-in-trade of this particular Mayor, and with a constituency well versed in democratic process, he runs a serious risk of alienating his undoubtedly large support base. 





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