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Longstanding gripes from Te Kouma residents regarding the urban storm water rate they have been subjected to have been partially satisfied by a proposed change to manner in which the rate is calculated. This was agreed to at today's Council meeting and will go with all other proposed changes to public consultation  later  this year. Gripes will continue with the .75 differential now to be applied to certain specified communities with less than $1,000 stormwater assets per rating unit.

To improve the fairness of how the Council is charging for the stormwater activity, the Council has proposed to introduce a differential on the stormwater rate on the following basis (for consultation in the 2012 Ten Year Plan):

- Communities with a stormwater rating unit asset value of $1,000 or greater would receive a full charge.

- Communities with a stormwater rating unit asset value of less than $1,000 would pay a 0.75 differential charge.

- Communities with no utilities or roading stormwater surface channel infrastructure would pay no charge.

Under this proposal, a 0.75 differential to the urban stormwater charge would apply to the following communities (instead of a full charge):

- Hikutaia
- Kennedy Bay
- Kuaotunu West
- Simpsons Beach
- Opoutere
- Te Kouma
- Tuateawa

The following communities would no longer be charged:

- Matatoki
- Otama
- Puriri
- Rings Beach
- Kauaeranga
- Whakatete Bay

The Council also approved the proposal for the Kopu Land Drainage scheme to be amalgamated into the Thames Stormwater activity.

The Te Kouma argument was based on the fact that they have no roadside stormwater assets, but they still benefit, along with everyone else, from the urban stormwater infrastructure. The Councillors were between a rock and a hard place on this one due to the 'district-wide' philosophy that is beginning to catch up with them in all manner of ways, and is causing obvious frustration for the Mayor.

This was evident in the discussion on giving Boards the ability to impose a local commercial rate to fund economic development activities over and above the $220,000 (soon to be $330,000 if current proposals are adopted) that is allocated district wide according to an opaque formula.

Board Chair Strat Peters, and Cr Diane Connors argued for this as a means by which a nest egg could be funded for giving Thames a 'leg-up' - eg Destination Thames. Commerce and industry may have other ideas when it comes to the consultation, but the Mayor's idea that these contributions should be attracted "voluntarilly" did not sit well with Strat.




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