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Coromandel Environment

The NZH ran a double page item today on four current environmental issues on the Peninsula that are coming to a head. They include:

New Chums - not a bad summary

Te Kouma - Once over lightly -- mentions the main issues without explaining the economic and environmental factors surrounding both mussel and fin-fish industries. Russell De Luca makes clear that the battle has just started - Ben Day's soothing PR totally unconvincing.

Whangamata Surf Break - Again, once over lightly, but both sides get their story through - there is no hope of this being resolved in the near future - the split will get worse in the town, and the full left hand break is a faint memory.

Waihi Mine - Opponent Collete Spalding - "Speaking from experience, they'll get the mine, and we'll get the shaft." That seems to sum it up.

Te Kouma and Waihi will certainly end up in the Environment Court where there will be grand stoushs - but the outcome in favour of the developments is probably pre-determined - as Day say's, jobs are the mantra.

The Resource Consent for the fin-fish farming is far more problematical - unless the Government manages to effectively by-pass proceedings, the Court is sure to be extremely concerned at the level of contrary evidence that appears to have been accumulated, ready to fire.




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