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Climate Change

A regular reader has drawn my attention to the following Mail Onlinel article.

His main comment was about what he described as an earlier 'rant' that I wrote in this regard under the Climate Change v. Fluoridation post dated 15 September.

As I said to him, I am bored stiff with the arguments, and counter arguments. As far as I am concerned the article simply gives support for climate change as a fact (see ultimate paragraph) – everything else is just beating round the edges – in other words, it is a fact, and CO2 is a factor – whether it is the major factor is yet to be seen – 15 years, 20 years downturn  – what does it matter, it seems to me that the next upwards turn is likely to be far more dramatic than the last, and any effort that we make now is surely going to stand us in good stead in the future. Anything else is simply giving those nations that refuse to act an excuse to further ‘sit on the fence’.

I would rather that we take concerted action now on the assumption that it will get worse, and CO2 is all that we know about – it is real. What the hell is ‘natural variability’, and who can explain that – certainly not this article.

 Rant or no rant, I stand by my earlier position,



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