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Friar's Claims Deemed Kosher

Audit NZ have again demonstrated just how far out of touch they are by deeming Simon Friar's $40,000 travel claim to be within the WRC Guidelines, and there is no suggestion that those Guidelines may be deficient. Chairman Peter Buckley claims that Friar was "completely vindicated", and that he had been "unfairly targeted by the media".

What a load of cobblers, particularly as he was also in the gun for claiming for overnighting in Hamilton even though he lives within the 100 km. limit that is stipulated in the Guidelines.

Oh well, business as usual - elected officials have almost open slather when it comes to picking ratepayers pockets by nickel and diming their travel claims.

Friar takes the bikkie in the final paragraph in the story when he claims

"I'm just trying to think of anybody who had personally approached me and taken umbrage with the manner in which I've claimed, and I'm pretty sure I can say without contradiction that no one has approached me in that manner."

Everyone who reads this should make the effort to tell Simon the next time they have the opportunity that they "take umbrage at his excessive claims". It seems that is the only way he will get the message - up until the next election, that is!




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