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Defamatory Comments

A personal attack on a TCDC staff member has been removed today. I will not tolerate defamatory behaviour that goes beyond the limits of which every reader of this blog should be aware. This blog is not simply for those with personal gripes to air their 'stuff' - go and talk to some talkback host if you have something to get off your chest.

I am seriously considering 'banning' anonymous comments, and that would be a pity, as there are few other outlets for people with 'inside' knowledge to provide valuable information that should be in the public arena, but this does not extend to defamation. I will continue to watch comments very closely in the meantime. Remember that it is my blog - no-one else's, and I have no intention of providing a legal target for aggrieved parties, even though there is only very limited precedence for bloggers being held responsible for comments - I am not about to become a 'guinea-pig' in that regard.

Please remember that politicians are in a different category to staff members, and are generally 'fair game' for naming and shaming when appropriate. Staff are by contrast 'sitting ducks', and generally unable to respond.

So sod off if you are thus inclined to use my blog for your nefarious comments - whoever you are.


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