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Expediency, Hypocrisy and the One Plan

Coming hard on the heels of the backdown on Kyoto, now we have an even greater example of 'business as usual' in the Governing Party.

I hate to quote (National insider) Cameron Slater, but on some issues he is spot on, and he certainly has the measure of David Carter. This post lays it right on the line and shows the lengths to which Government will go to avoid any chance of the One Plan decision becoming a burden on farmers:

David Carter has had a disconnect with the truth. He has been peddling false figures about the One Plan, saying that it will increase farmers costs between 22-43%.

He is either being poorly advised or he is pulling these numbers out of his arse. The Department of Conservation summarises the numbers as follows:

The Court heard evidence on the economic impacts of the plan which indicated the average increase in farm costs of less than 5% but ranging up to 16.6% in some cases. The evidence used by the council was disputed by the primary sectors, who put forward their own evidence however this evidence was not upheld by the court.

It wasn’t upheld by the court because it was bullshit. Bludging farmers having a sook about economics doesn’t mean they are right, and their numbers were considered a joke by peer reviewers, and the Environment Court.

Farmers should realise that just because they have had a historic right to pollute it doesn’t mean they have an enduring right to pollute. They cant screw up our rivers and get away with it like they did in the old days. Their need to internalise the cost they are imposing on society as a free right to pollute is just a dirty big subsidy and subsidised business are unviable.

Farmers should stop saying “we are farmers, aren’t we great” and start saying “we are businesses and we have obligations like every other business in the country”. If they were polluting rivers with a factory they would be getting shut down until they stopped ruining a public good, and would be fined and made to pay for the clean up.

The Greens and Labour should be holding David Carter to account for his fibs. If his department or Federated Farmers are putting up numbers that are bullshit it is a free hit on Carter and they should be hitting him hard and often. Ministers need to base statements on fact, not stuff someone pulled out their arse to justify polluting our rivers.



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