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Carnegie On Again (2)

I have come to the conclusion that leaving the earlier post on this matter, and the subsequent comments on the blog is serving no useful purpose, and have therefore taken it down.

I have done this because it is clear that the content has caused offence to a number of people who don't deserve the opprobrium that has flowed from the assertions that have been made.

Secondly, I have realised that I am a little too close to what has has gone on to be able to pass objective judgment, and although blogs serve a very useful purpose in bringing matters that may otherwise be hidden from public view out into the open, on this occasion, it has gone a little too far.

I have already made my apologies to Morrie and Geraldine for some of the content. The argument regarding the $80,000 will be settled elsewhere - no purpose is served in dragging it out any further here, and it has the downside of enabling people to raise past grievances on irrelevant issues, and that was never my intention.

This is first occasion on which I have found it necessary to take this action since the advent of the blog - it is not comfortable, but that is minor in comparison to the hurt that has occurred. I trust that readers of the blog will understand the reasons for this action.




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