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Buckley's Chance

If ever there was a example of just how dysfunctional our Regional Council has become, it happened last week when Chair Buckley endeavoured to get his new 'loose talk' rules adopted - they were thrown out in the absence of a clear 75% majority as required under the Standing Orders. 

Read the RobinsonReport on the matter from the Hamilton News which describes the hilarious goings-on that led to the defeat of the Buckley faction on the Council. Our Simon ("Buckley's Sidekick") Friar dutifully fronted up get the new attempt to control adverse publicity in place. It was claimed that this "was necessary in order to deal with new era of social media" - faint hope!

We need to be kept aware of what is going on over there in Hamilton as we get closer to election time - there are changes in the air that need to be out in the daylight,  and that has just not been happening. There are credible reports of Buckley and CEO Bob Laing undertaking secretive negotiations in Wellington in an endeavour to push their vision for a region wide unitary council with the soon to be become Speaker of the House, but now Local Government Minister David Carter, and neophyte Amy Adams. 

Our Mayor has thrown a spanner into their works with his confusing press release, but was clearer in an interview this week wherein he backed the Robinson local unitary council concept, and completely rubbished the region wide idea. This issue is about to hot up - that is for sure, and the next election will likely be fought on the issue, though knowing the situation in our Council, Leach's loyal followers will all be champing at the bit to get aboard his concept train. So where lies the opposition? It had better put its hand up, otherwise Leach will have an unstoppable 'head of steam'.

At this rate he won't need Morrie Dunwoodie to chair his campaign next time round. Anyone who thought he was one termer had better think again. It would take someone of Jeanette Fitzsimmons stature to take him on at this rate, and then only on a completely different platform that emphasises environmental controls over expediency at every level. Where are you Jeanette in our hour of need?




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