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David Carter Nobbles the Ref.

Just in case you thought our court system was fair and square, just take a look at what Carter is arttempting to do to skew the Environment Court decision on the One Plan decision. He is being ably assisted by Kate Wilkinson's refusal to allow DOC to participate in the appeal process.

This is directly from Whaleoil's post on the subject - no matter what your opinion is of Cameron Slater, he has nailed this decision. Forget all the nonsense about his lack of journalistic credentials. If half the remaining commentariat had half the balls he has in bringing real issues to the fore, our media would be serving the needs of this country rather than simply parroting the PR from both sides of the spectrum.

This is important:

David Carter has continued to fib about the cost to farmers of the One Plan decision in an attempt to provide farmers a right to pollute the hell out of our rivers, then expect us to pay for the clean up.

He has been schooled by the Chairman of Horizons, who has called him out for his fibs, and highlighted the truth about the One Plan.

“The Plan has been through the required process under the RMA, with appellants to the Plan presenting their cases to the Environment Court. The Court heard a range of economic and environmental evidence and all parties were given the opportunity to put forward their arguments and the Court formed their decision on the balance of that evidence.”

The Court’s decision determined the average costs to farmers to be on average 5 per cent of annual operating expenses.

David Carter’s dodgy 22-43% increase in costs were pulled out of someones arse, didn’t make the grade in the environment court and are considered unsound by people in the industry.

Before readers start thinking Bruce Gordon is some hippy tree hugger, he is not. He is a farmer. And he has obviously read the One Plan judgment, unlike our socialist mate Carter.

“We are not here to drive farmers off their land, we’re here to deliver a future for our Region that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.”



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