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The Robinson Report - Finfish Farming Under the Spotlight

Here is the Report that appeared in the Hamilton News today that raises some very uncomfortable questions for the finfish farming boosters. It is aimed at WRC, but expect a further version in Thursday's PP that will draw a bead at TCDC. 

The article is self-explanatory - no-one can accuse Geoffrey and Reihana of not doing their homework. Probably the most disturbing information that they reveal is the weighting percentages adopted by WRC - 15% for environmental effects, and sustainable management just 10%.

This situation in untenable, and it will require effective protest in the community to get these people to understand that the Gulf is not for sale on that basis.  Bob Lang and his cohort, together with the Leach/Hamond/Day cohort have to be made to face this fact sooner rather than later. Forget everything else, these percentages represent a lay-down misere before hearings even start. 

I hope that these articles will be the catalyst for that protest, and I wish that someone could persuade Jeanette Fitzsimons to stand against Leach at the election, and give give him a run for his money.  I think most will have just about had enough of his style by then, and be ready to bring this District back on an even keel with someone who actually understands cause and effect, and is able to re-introduce integrity to the body politic.  




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