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Destination Coromandel

If there is one good thing that has happened since the advent of Glenn Leach, it would have to be the turnaround in the operation of Destination Coromandel (formerly Tourism Coromandel).

Chairman / acting Chief Executive John Sandford turned up at Council on Wednesday with a report, and samples of their excellent new brochure of which 80,000 will be distributed, and available as a downloadable g-book. They have made remarkable progress in a whole range of other areas aimed both at the international and more importantly - the local market.

What is equally remarkable is that at the same time $200k has ben cut from overheads, and re-directed same in marketing and promotion. What is clear is that he has at last taken this organisation out of the incredible wasteful (and unfair) emphasis on event marketing, and B & B promotion with which his predecessor became bogged down. This was principally due to the extraordinarily bad constitution that he was saddled with that gave inordinate power to small time operators through the archaic membership system that then operated. John has it much easier having got rid of those fractious elements.

His background is such that he has been able to make amazing progress with a number of well placed international wholesalers and retailers, and here is another thing - they have completed a 3D HD Blu-ray DVD ready for distribution aimed specifically at 120m people on CCTV in China. Visit the remarkable new website that they (2 staff only!) apparently developed "in-house". 

This is a good news story, and their annual report will make interesting reading. I think that we can expect to see some amazing changes in the whole tourism sector throughout the area resulting from these changes. Good one Glenn - you may have ridden roughshod over normal processes on this, but it appears to have come up trumps. Tourism is one thing you seem to know something about, and John Sandford is proving a winner - we are lucky having him.




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