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Mining on the Peninsula

In case you missed it, Council approved on Wednesday a submission on the Crown Minerals Bill now before Select Committee.

This is a beautifully written document that should preserve this Council's standing with the ruling party in Government by saying absolutely nothing about where it stands on mining in the Coromandel, while at the same time outlining its need to preserve the Peninsula as an area of great natural beauty with substantial tourism potential. 

It states only that there has been a history of "strong, active opposition from parts of the community to the resumption of mining on the Peninsula". Another thing - there is absolutely no chance that a mining ban of any kind would be acceptable to Hauraki, and this places another major obstacle in the way of amalgamation, but it interesting to note that this is not on the list of 'non-negotiables' in Leach's document. 

So all options remain open as the needs of councillors facing election next year are preserved. If the anti-mining lobby is mollified by this pallid 'mother and apple pie' genuflection, then I would be very surprised, but it caused great joy at Council on Wednesday, and everyone paid compliments to the Submission author Strategic Planning Team Leader, Katina Conomos, who has again shown that she knows a thing or two about which side of the bread is buttered.

Once the poop hits the fan out there, expect a strong reaction.





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