TCDC Policy on Nuclear Weapons
Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 10:24AM
Bill Barclay

In case you are wondering - yes, we do have a policy on nuclear weapons. This is it:

To call upon the governments of all nuclear weapons’ states to begin negotiations immediately on a nuclear Weapons Convention and eliminate all nuclear weapons early in the next century and to complete these negotiations by the year 2000.

Pretty heady stuff, you may think, and probably giving considerable pause for thought within Foggy Bottom, and the Kremlin.

Well actually, it was one of a long list of somewhat redundant policies that came before Council yesterday for revocation, or at least revision.

But the 2013 Election is obviously already on the mind of one Cr Wyn Hoadley who true to her old socialist roots objected to the removal of this particular policy until she had “had time to consider the matter”. She probably won’t be going back to the local Labour Party for guidance  - they strongly supported her at the last election, but from what I gather have not seen hide nor hair of her since, and appear somewhat disillusioned with her.

But elections have a habit of bringing out re-commitments to old values, and so we observed yesterday as Cr Hoadley let fly on this issue and later on Iwi consultation on the District Plan - her indignation at the failure of “the representative” (clearly David Taipari) to engage, exercised her to a state of apoplexy - ”I am not giving a speech mind you!”.   

Cr Hoadley took the opportunity to remind us all of her vast past experience in all areas of local government, though just what constituted the relevance escaped most of those who had to sit and suffer through this diatribe.

Cr Hoadley bravely voted against the revocation of the policy, that was otherwise unanimously adopted without further ado.




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