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Unitary Authority

The die is cast, and a scoping report will be prepared between March and May 2013. It seems apparent that the Mayor (and the others) are now accepting of the reality that Hauraki and Matamata-Piako are now extremely unlikely, if logical partners. It was interesting to note the injection of the Waihou/Hauraki Plains Flood Protection Project costs as a factor that may militate against our involvement with those councils was mentioned by the Mayor.

Following the successful conclusion of the Moanataiari project, Sam Napia has carriage of the process within our Council. Accurate costings of a move to a unitary set-up will be crucial, and the determining factor in any decision making process that follows.  It was again interesting to note that the Chief Executive threw some doubt on the accuracy of the costings prepared by the previous administration some years ago that indicated a 2:1 return on our WRC rates.

He should be prepared for the financial investigation to reveal that the situation has not changed – we do get substantial benefit from coastal and river protection, and other services, the cost of which may come as a shock. Whether these costs are realistic is another matter, but it is important that everyone keep their eye on the ball on this one in order to avoid a ‘frying pan into the fire’ situation.

Wyn Hoadley spoke a load of rubbish about her experiences on Hauraki Forum that left her ‘speechless’ – faint hope. One obtained the very definite impression that Ms Hoadley was hopping on an election band-wagon with the unitary authority idea. She is by means the only one in that regard. A Coromandel Unitary Authority has become the flavour of the month in this Council, and we will need to be very careful to make sure that we are not rail-roaded into action that we may later regret. Easy, easy is called for.

A referendum on the proposal will follow almost automatically. It is certain that Reihana Robinson will have no difficulty in achieving whatever additional signatures are required to bring her petition up to the 10% threshold.




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Reader Comments (1)

It will be interesting to see a truly independent assessment of Unitary costs versus the pork barrel politics rhetoric of Leach and the likes Wells et al.

I personally think they would be shocked at the true cost of flood protection and true environmental management, as opposed to environment mismanagement.

December 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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