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Place at the Table 

The Place at the Table Trust comprising Greg Johnson, Don Cresswell, Adrian Catran, Graham Coley and myself are busy organising a free Christmas lunch at St James Church at 12 noon on Christmas Day.

We did the same at the last moment last year, but this year decided to set up a Trust to take the idea into the future, and we have already raised well over $2,000 by door-knocking Pollen Street, and had numerous donations of food of all types needed to ensure a another successful occasion - we had 40 attendees last year and expect many more this time round.

Some people are putting in an amazing amount of effort, just as you would expect in a small town like this - Waihi have been doing much the same for over 5 years.

In the main, those attending include the elderly, indigent and visitors. The only common denominator is that all welcome company on what can otherwise be a lonely day for many. The lunch is open to everyone - we only ask that you register with one of the following - Judy Jones on 869 0101, Don Cresswell 868 2250, or myself on 868 8138. On the other hand, no-one will be turned away at the door - loaves and fishes apply on this one day of the year.

Further donations are welcome - any of the above will be only too happy to oblige. Also volunteers on the day - we have a good numbers, but more hands make light work. We need people to register their interest in this regard and indicate preference for preparation, serving or cleaning up.




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