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Moanataiari - Close Shave!

2012 ends on a high with the decision by Council to follow the staff recommendation to undertake surface only, minimal interference with the ground in Moanatairari.

To follow the series of posts that I have made on this subject over the last 18 months - simply enter the word Moanataiari into the search engine.

It was a close shave, and it could have been very different had our Council allowed itself to be bullied by the WRC and in particular by its Chief Executive Bob Laing. What they, and the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment put our Council through over this period is nothing short of a disgrace. 

I submit that this this is the issue of the year past, but hopefully, we can put it behind us and get on with 2013. It should be acknowledged that despite the sanguinity of many, it may well have become a huge imposition on every ratepayer in this District - Thames in particular. I believe that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Council staff who carried this matter to its logical conclusion, and I for one am enormously relieved.

It is all very well for those that claim that it was a 'storm in a teacup.' I submit that that was not the case. The risk of the need for a massive and hugely expensive clean-up was huge, and we have only escaped because of their effort and dedication that ensured a credible final report was produced, backed by the best available expert advice. 

The correspondence that took place between the Chairman of the WRC, and the Ministry with our Mayor following the 5 December meeting is quite disturbing. The content may open eyes as to the as to the depth of division between our people and their people, and provide an understanding of just how bureaucracy works at this level, but it in no way justifies or excuses the accusations contained therein. I will post same very early in the New Year if it has not already been published. 

In the meantime, a very happy New Year, and all the best for 2013 to all readers of this blog.




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Reader Comments (1)

As per my previous comment regarding this issue the cost of remediation should fall to the party that has legal responsibility, in the case the TCDC and their rate payers.

Hopefully this cheap option will not replicate the results from the original reclamation i.e. cheap and nasty. And that whatever Council entity that exists in decades to come is not having to defend itself against claims of public harm.

Looking on the bright side the money the TCDC has saved here may be able to be used to defend legal proceedings from disgruntled homeowners:)

January 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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