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The following from the Chief Executive's November Report is a an indication of the progress being made in regard to the finfish proposal: 

Economic Development - Aquaculture
A draft Memorandum of Understanding/funding deed has been written with input from the
Coromandel Marine Farmers Association - which will come to Council for consideration in
the New Year. The Aquaculture Coromandel prospectus has been completed - waiting now
for the WRC to launch an expression of interest process for the fish farming zone.                                   

What is very interesting is the obvious determination to proceed to the 'expressions of interest' stage without first going through any resource consent process - presumably relying on enabling legislation that will ensure that any such process will be simply a formality. That is a major concern to those of us who remain unconvinced as to the ecological viability of finfish farming in the Gulf, given the information that has been provided to date. 

The prospectus should be made publicly available without delay. There appears no good reason why this should remain 'secret', or until the WRC is ready to launch an 'expression of interest process' as suggested by the Chief Executive.

It would also be in the public interest for the content of the MoU with the Mussel Farmers Association be in the public arena without delay. It involves substantial potential financial commitment by this Council, and thereby ratepayers. If it is drafted, it should be available.

Remember Mr Hammond, your commitment to open Government - get it out there, please.




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Reader Comments (1)

I would agree thoroughly with the above comments and, as usual, there are absolutely no plans other than expanding the Sugar Loaf area to cope with all the land based activity of fish farming.
Even with the required proposed expansion of 5 berths the area is going to be too small in 10 years time and there is no room for extra parking and storage. Council seems determined to plough ahead with subsidising a private and wealthy industry with ratepayer money.
The aquaculture industry make bad neighbours and have no regard for anyone else trying to live in the area. Their arrogance astounds me and to think that my rates are subsidising them in the form of numerous reports and consultants fees does not make me happy. !!!

April 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMegan Mackie

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