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Chief Executives Report

You have to hand it to Hammond - his reports are a vast improvement on those of his predecessor, and his willingness to bring its content out into the daylight represents a quantum change from the practice of having it 'public excluded' as was previously the case.

Here is his Report for November

The first part relating to Local Government Reform makes interesting reading for all of us who have been awaiting the detail of the final document to emerge from the Parliamentary process. The Supplementary Order Paper has not made a great deal of difference, but details the methodology to be adopted in regard to the handling of reorganisation proposals. 

Strategic Planning Manager Katina Conomos apparently has carriage of the implementation process, and will no doubt be preparing a detailed paper relating the practical effects of the reforms overall. There is no doubt that disposal of the four 'non-core' roles, and changes to the mayoral prerogative will have the most noticeable effect in this District, along with every other district where councilors have been prone to become involved in areas outside their mandate, or competence. 

It is anticipated that multi-challenges will be mounted here - aquaculture, sports facilities, and social development areas in particular come to mind. Councilors will need to be very sure of their grounds and support before venturing forth on their 'nice to have' and 'pet' projects. This Council has set such store by 'economic development' that it is inevitable that those areas that are favoured will come under far greater scrutiny than has been the case in the past.

Our Mayor has exercised such total control over policy and operations of this Council that I don't expect to see a great deal of change in that direction, though there may be some members who will bridle at the additional powers he will be given to set direction. The New Year will certainly be interesting in regard to manner in which this Council operates, but at least we will have the opportunity to scrutinise operations to greater extent than in the past, and the attitude of the Chief Executive to 'open government' will be fundamental to this new direction. So far, so good!




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