Friday, February 10, 2012 at 2:11PM
Bill Barclay

I guess this was inevitable - Council PR release at 1pm:

Staff to recommend to Review Committee not to include SNA maps in the draft District Plan

Council staff will recommend to the District Plan Review Committee, when it meets again in March, not to adopt Significant Natural Area (SNA) maps for inclusion in the draft District Plan.

“The majority of the SNA work is extremely useful for the Council, landowners and future developers, but it’s not at a stage where we now want to integrate it into the draft plan for consultation in July. If the Committee agrees, it will instead sit outside the plan and be used as a reference tool to help when developers come to us for subdivision and resource consents. The SNAs could actually save developers money because a majority of the ecological assessment work, for many activities, will have already been done” said Leigh Robcke, District Plan Manager.

The Council will continue to refine the SNA data with landowners as a parallel process to the District Plan review for possible inclusion in a future iteration of the District Plan once the SNA information is deemed to be more precise for individual properties.

All residential property mistakenly included in the first version of the maps will also be removed over the next few weeks as well as the removal of mapping and technical errors discovered through the mail-out to property owners.

The Council apologises to those who received SNA letters in error.

For more information please feel free to call the District Plan Review team on 07-868-0200.

Visit the District Plan review project website here.



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