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What the Councillors Knew

Just to remove any doubt whatsoever following Sandra Goudie's claim regarding the fact that the SNA letters were sent out without the knowledge of the Mayor or councillors, herewith is an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the District Plan Review Committee dated 2 November 2011.

Discussion around the draft 'significant natural area' and 'landscape and natural
character' letters that are intended to be sent to landowners in late November. Staff
noted that the letters are intended to be of an introductory and courtesy nature.
Members read the letters and agreed that letters should be sent to landowners, with
amendments along the lines that:
o Printed maps should not be provided with the letters (too costly and not enough
o Promote use of the Council web site for provision of site specific property
o Include a step-by-step guide for web users on how to access site specific
o Provide information to all ratepayers via 'Our Coromandel' newsletter.
o Make the information available to iwi as there may be future implications through the Treaty Settlement process.
o Try and shorten the letter and make it more positive.
o Move the sentence "There is no immediate impact upon you from having an SNA
identified on your property ..." to nearer the front of the letter.

I would imagine that this pretty well clears up the issue. What a pity that the Chairman and members saw fit to allow this calumny to develop, and that our ex-member was so careless with the truth.




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