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Exit Jim Archibald

The following is an extract from my post on Destination Coromandel on 30 September wherein I suggested that Jim's days as Chief Executive may be numbered:

It will certainly be interesting to see if old loyalties dating back 19 years involving the two Mayors and Archibald, survive the transition. Jim may survive, but I suspect that there is a total clean out agenda under way. As one of the new appointees stated tonight in his introduction "Change management generally brings about totally unexpected change". Well, we will see, and Leach certainly indicated an intention to let the Board get on with the job of promoting the Districts without interference.

It appears that he has been given his marching orders - his contract was extended for three months, along with all the other staff on the advent of the new organisation - it has taken a little longer for the axe to fall, and old loyalties with Glenn Leach do not appear to have protected him.

There will be some regrets - Jim was a likeable character, but divisive, and he certainly put a great number offside - mainly smaller operators it must be said. He had built up an amazing list of contacts in the industry, but there were many who considered that he spent far too much time overseas attending travel fairs etc. Though how was expected to do his job otherwise I have no idea. It was probably just a matter of balance, and possibly Jim had become just a little too secure - protected by the previous Board members whom I suspect may have been just a little too close to be able to exercise proper governance.

Jim will leave on 31 March, and it will interesting to see just what process, if any, the new Board go through to secure a replacement. Anyway, I have no beef with Jim and I certainly extend my best wishes for his future employment - he should have no trouble obtaining a similar or equivalent position - he is widely respected in the industry.




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Reader Comments (1)

real sorry to see Jim - go whilst his ability to converse with politicians may have been found wanting at times [mind you conversing with polies is never easy] he did have a fantastic understanding of the industry, and was willing to discuss this knowledge with those who would listen. He was a Godsend to our busines and will be sorely missed. as I understand it most of his overseas jaunts were covered by the industry and cost the 2 Councils very little. HDC had a real go a Jim a few years back but a report by a peer group soon found that he had turned the tourism industry around in the 2 Districts and they were performing well above the National average-
when other RTO's were crumbling we were going ahead -but sadly Jim was not ably supported by elected members at the time, though I sincerely hope this is not the case now and he is leaving on his own volition.
may your future bring you happiness and good health - thank you for the tremendous effort you put in behalf of our industry over the past years

February 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKingfish

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