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Press Release on Review

This is it:

This is the guts of it:

The proposal sees a boost to area offices on the front line, less back-office jobs in Thames and fewer management positions.

"TCDC rates are 14% above the national average with the rates in Thames being 20% higher still, which is a theme that can't be ignored in our review of the organisation".

The Council currently employs 191 staff. The proposal directly affects approximately 42 positions and proposes to create some 13 new roles. Final numbers will not be known until the end of the process.

"The organisational structure is only a small part of a bigger review of Council expenditure. We are also looking at proposals for a 5% and 10% reduction in operating budgets as well".

Staff have been invited to make submissions on the proposal. A final decision will be made by the Chief Executive in mid-late March.

"I have already received excellent feedback from staff, with many proposals coming in to improve effectiveness and efficiency and to reduce the use of consultants with better use of existing staff".

My figures below are somewhat off the mark - but close enough for all intents. This appears to 43 less the 13 new positions  - 30, which was my original number. I stand by my remarks, but there is some doubt about whether it was just those are 'down the road' who were invited to the Chamber PP presentation - whatever, it remains a totally gutless process. 

You will notice the reference to rates here being 14% over the national average - that was not the case in 2010, so I wonder where that comes from. Thames are higher because of the library and swimming pool. Also note the reference to "boost area offices to the frontline' - that is a total nonsense that was rammed through by the Whangamata Chair Keith Johnston who is another Thames obsessive, and who sways councillors with the old "I am a professional" line. Hammond has just not been here long enogh to understand just what a 'furphy' this is - if he follows this line he will come a cropper. How on earth they imagine it will save money is anyone's guess, but it will surely play well for their next election prospects.

The suggested 5 - 10% reduction in operating budgets is a nonsense - if he can't achieve that with the staffing reduction he should go find another job. Their real task will be to restrain the capital expenditure arising from the councillors pet projects.

Whatever happens, a close examination of what Nick Smith has in store for them hinted at in today's Listener article should give food for a great deal of thought.  


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