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Development Contributiuons Policy

This matter will go before Council on 29 February.

The Local Government Act 2010 removed the need for this policy to be consulted on separately from the Ten Year Plan, and our new Chief Executive moved in this direction in December, and as result, it will be included as a separate document to be consulted on simultaneously with the TYP.

There is no way of knowing the effect of this change in process other than it appears to constitute another means of reducing public input. The proposed changes (Attachments A and B) have not been placed on the Website together with the paper going to Council on Wednesday, so I am unable assess the likely effect.

What I do know is that certain councillors have been expressing the need to reduce the financial effect on developers in order to stimulate the industry. This dubious theory has widespread support amongst the developer community who in particular wish to avoid all financial commitments to the Council before they have been able to sell their properties. Because of the sometimes substantial delays involved in this process, the Council could end up waiting years for the funds that it has already had to commit to the provision of infrastructure.  

But there are absolute charges that these same people wish to see reduced that will place a further burden on existing rate-payers, and in effect, subsidize developers. This is a long standing argument, and you cannot blame developers for trying to get the best deal they can, particularly since they were emboldened by the landmark North Shore v. Neil Construction case.

The Website indicates  that the Attachments will be posted on 2 March - after the meeting - it will be very interesting to see just what our friendly developers have in store. Not too sure about the legality of hiding this information before the meeting, but it is par for the course with this lot who eschew all need for open government.


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