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Et Tu Brute on Dal Minogue

I don't often give emphasis to anonymous comments, but this one I thought sufficiently important. It may or may not be a staff member - it doesn't matter, it is clearly someone who has a good inside  knowledge of the running of the Council:

Not surprised at the comment posted. Took many years of hard work by Ruru to build up a team spirit after a Council in which Leach was involved with in 92-95 decimated Council staff then. Remember in 2004/5 the ground breaking adverts on TV1 Breakfast in a desparate attempt to find suitably qualified staff - ?

Dedicated and qualified staff are hard to find in the local Government sector - who would want to work for a'company' where the 'bosses' change every three years? This Council is a good example where staff were the target in the last election campaign-- whilst many ratepayers think of Council staff as their personal employees 'I pay your wages' school of thought - in real life this is not so - the CEO is employed to manage staff - and his employer is Council. When you put to-gether a one term Mayor with a new CEO on a short term contract there has to be blood on the floor of the corridors of power - and there will be more yet to come- trust me!

Leach is revelling in his unbridled power with a group of impotent Councillors who do not even have the strength of their own convictions to debate in public - but instead do all Council business behind closed doors contrary to the LGA 2002 were Council business must be "open and transparent"

Whilst there may have been a need to review staffing levels in view of the world wide financial crisis- there is certain ways in which these are conducted - not the public lynching that transpired at the power point presentation.

Did Council supply any support for those losing their jobs- I fear not.

Such losses will have huge repercussions not only in our communities but in the Local Government sector---




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Reader Comments (2)

So what is new - few staff sacrificed to save a paltry hundred thousand dollars or so.
What is the bet their jobs will be outsourced - it is believed that customer services,payroll, mail room and some of IT are already/will be contracted out - so much for Leach and his pre-election comments of doing away with consultants/contractors.
De ja vue of the '95 Council [of which Leach was a part of] when for example, the Planning Dept. was decimated and the then planners were re-employed as consultants to put the new District Plan in place - whew - 18,000 submissions on that effort alone- but wait - no SNA's now, no Blueprint and a 'newbie' as Chair of the committee - could be interesting - a field day for developers comming up--?
And probably they will want to sell the Mary St. building as they attempted to do in '95 - [could be a good place for the Unitary Council?] - no on second thoughts-hang onto it - Leach is talking up amalgamation with HDC!!
All of this blood letting in a term when the 10 Year plan is up for review, the Draft District plan is due out and the Iwi Settlements will soon be completed [and Iwi will become the largest landowners in the District] - hope Council will cope -
Remember what goes round comes round

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterStuka

Interesting to note that current TCDC staffing levels only constitute some 0.5 to 0.7% of the current rates funding base, a number not uncommon in progressive and succesful local authorities in first and second world countries around the globe. The current exercise is not about the rationalisation and increased efficiency (which is laudable and appropriate) of existing activities, it is about the numbers, and the numbers only. Had the former been the case then the rationale behind the 'choosing' of 'who is going and who is staying' is somewhat confusing (ie the whole do-ers and talkers scenario). In any event, the current staff numbers do not seem to be excessive, spiralling costs are not merely due entirely to the employment of 191 staff. How those staff are utilised and led in achieving the desired outcomes is the crux of the matter.
An increase in outsourcing (something that is symptomatic of the existing situation) has been attempted by many, and failed by most, the future cost of potential additional outsourcing will be difficult to decipher by the layman, but be assured, there is nothing free, or cheap in this world without consequences.
It is not the legitimate requirements (those being rationalisation, resultant efficiency gains, cost reductions and community empowerment) of the current process that are flawed, it is the haphazard, off the cuff, hasty, and uninformed manner in which this process is being conducted. Let's hope that sanity prevails and that the desired goals are achieved, there are many, both in the community, and within council, who want the understandable and positive salient outcomes mentioned above to be realised.

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

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