Dissent in the Ranks?
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 3:30PM
Bill Barclay

It was business as usual today. Cr Jack Wells caused some raised eye-brows in Public Forum with some right wing rant that he had obviously extracted from the internet warning of the danger of immanent ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and the evil machinations of the UN to do away with property rights. Included in the paper he presented was this little gem - "Know your enemy - sometimes they lie within", and " Ask yourself - why has the Offence of Treason has been removed from the Statute of NZ!!!", amongst many other similar aphorisms. 

Oh dear, this Council sure has its share of weirdo characters who Leach spends valuable time humouring, as if they are not humorous enough. Cr Bartley finished off with another gut retchingly nauseous bout of self congratulatory rhetoric - I left at that point. Leach himself indulged in some threatening references regarding his intention to unload on the previous Council over some coastal development that is apparently likely to create huge headaches for the current or future councils in terms of infrastructure demands. I have no idea what he is talking about  - perhaps other ex-members could enlighten me. This was by way of defending the present Council's attempt to achieve "site specific" development, whatever that means  - he sounded on the verge of paranoia over this, and is obviously  just a little touchy about accusations of favouring developers?

This all occurred during the discussion on the development contributions policy consultation, the details of which we are unable to see on the website until 2 March. I get the impression that our Mr Hammond has very definite ideas about what needs to be released publicly, and when. The paper will go to consultation concurrently with the TYP in May, which I guess is okay under the Act, but why the secrecy? There are just too many debts to the development industry waiting to be paid off, and our mayor looked decidely dodgy on this issue this morning. I will do a post when  have seen the details.




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