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Peter French RIP

It was interesting to observe the tension around the room yesterday when Peter French rose to talk about the District Planning Review Committee's progress. Interesting, because he specifically asked for a vote of confidence ("trust") in the Committee, and the staff.

The vote was not forthcoming - Leach simply passed on to the next subject and French was left floundering with what amounted to a vote of no-confidence. What an embarrassment.

Poor Peter is completely out of depth, and much like it hurts me say it, I think he should use the opportunity to step aside, and let Wyn Hoadley takeover the reins. She may well be the Chair from Hell, but at least she should know the ropes, and be able to avoid some of the prat-falls that have beset Peter.

Why on earth a first term Councillor was put in charge at the start is beyond the understanding of mere mortals. The suspicion must remain that it was deliberate attempt by Leach to keep control through a loyal surrogate. Wyn is a pain in the neck, but she is capable of standing up to Leach, and I think immune from most of the agendas that swirl around this process.    




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Struth Bill you are so right - what was Leach thinking in putting up a first term councillor who had NO experince in planning as Distrct Plan chair - is not Wyn Hoadley and enviromental barrister, an RMA chair and RMA Commissioner- whew what a stuff up when the Disrtict plan is the blueprint for developement of the District.Man there must have been heaps of more qualified people out there who have done the job with their hands tied behind their back -though I'm picking you are on the money about having to toe the Leach line - in fact the make up of the committee is suss to say the least - Leach's campaign manager on the job as well --hmmm

March 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

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