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David Taipari Puts the DPRC Straight

David Taipari, wearing his ‘other’ hat as a member of our District Plan Review Committee made his presence felt at the its meeting on 15 March. David made it clear that the draft document under discussion paid too little attention to the Tangata Whenua perspective, and that staff and other members are far too hasty in jumping to conclusions regarding Iwi support for the process, and proposals, and that far too little effective consultation has taken place. He pointed to a number of deficiencies in the draft document from his standpoint, and made it abundantly clear that his continued presence on the Committee hinged on the level of recognition made over the next few months leading up to the final draft that is intended to go to consultation in November.

Undoubtedly there has been a high level of frustration at the level of involvement and commitment by certain members of his community who have been invited to attend meetings and failed to front. David’s own attendance record leaves something to be desired, but his position equally reflects Maori push-back against Pakeha expectations based on a completely different set of values. Underlying David’s presentation was a hint of long-standing frustration at cultural arrogance reflected in the current structure.

After a considerable amount of ‘argy-bargy’ with the other members of the Committee who at times looked puzzled, but very anxious to accommodate David’s concerns, when he changed tack to suggest that he get together with Plan manager Leigh Robcke, and newly appointed Strategic Relationship Manager Sam Napia to "sort out a way forward". Councilors and other under-estimate Mr Taipari at their peril - he knows how to set up a situation, and then provide the solution - classic negotiating technique. 

Undoubtedly there will be some fundamental changes emerge from this grouping that may require other members of the Committee to take a deep breath, and that will most likely put the final document in jeopardy of being attacked by ‘red-neck’ elements who have a jaundiced view of Maori prerogatives in general. But that will not necessarily be a bad thing. It is time that co-governance arrangements that are bound to emerge from the Hauraki Settlement later this year are given a practical test-run, and what better platform than the District Plan. Bring it on!




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Tangata whenua flexing soon to be found muscle. Glen's mob seem to be a bit slow in picking up this particular 'ball.'

March 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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