Mary's Ecstasy
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 7:30PM
Bill Barclay

It did take long for Mary Hamilton to emerge from the woodwork, and set about rallying the troops to make sure that any anti-sentiment by submitters is countered by a deluge of support from all those want rate payers to fund the dry court ($4m in 2013-14) and the Swimming pool - actually $10m is in the TYP for 2021-22) Mary seems to have her figures askew, but she does have a close association with Thames councillors, so may have information about which we mere ratepayers are unaware. I have no idea where she obtained the information about the Rhodes Park upgrade - it ceratinly does not apear in the TYP that has been published.

Here is her e-mail:

Hi Everyone

After nearly 10 years of lobbying, TCDC have finally set aside more than $9m in the Council's draft Long Term Plan to build new sports facilities in Thames (dry court facility, Rhodes Park upgrade, and new aquatic centre) over the next 10 year. While the Council is very supportive, they have told us that if a lot of people put in submissions saying this is not a good use of ratepayer money, they will be forced to take it out.  So we need everyone who is interested in an active Thames to make a submission in favour of keeping the funding in. 

The submission process is quick and easy. You can submit online here.  Just put your contact details on the front then tick YES or NO to the questions on the back. The key one is #2: "Increase services as follows... build new sports facilities in Thames and Mercury Bay (funded locally)". Tick YES. 

You don't have to be a ratepayer, just someone with a stake in this community.  The deadline for submissions is APRIL 2. 

Please drop me an email or give me a call on 868 3362 if you have any questions. We really appreciate your support.


Mary Hamilton

on behalf of Zoom Zone

You can't blame Mary - she has been at it for long enough - 10 years according to the above email that she sent out to all the undisclosed recipients of Te Puru School, and probably similar from all the other schools to boot. This is of course the age group that favours this imposition of $570 additional rates over 2013/14 on the predominantly elderly ratepayers of this town. Her letter is misleading inasmuch as it refers to "money being set aside" - this is not the case. The TYP simply has a line for these items - they remain to be funded from rates in the Annual Plan. The swimming pool which Mary prefers to describe as an "Aquatic Centre" was always in the outlier years of the TYP - nothing new there. There is no suggestion that this group (Zoom Zone) should set about raising their own funding, or obtain sponsorship - all too much like hard work I would suggest when you can just hit the ratepayers up for the whole caboodle.

What is iinteresting is that the letter has been forwarded to the entire database of the Thames i-Site Information Centre, with the comment "Kio Ora - Something for you to read and have a think about." I am not too sure about the i-Site becoming involved in what will undoubtedly be a controversial issue. I guess that they are nominally independent even if entirely dependent on the Council financially. Those involved have certainly shown a willingness to get involved in controversial issues in the past when Cr Connors was in charge. 

What everyone needs to realise is that failure to submit means that those who are organised in this manner will always have the upper hand - submision numbers are often used to swing close contests.




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