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Allen v. Hammond

Here is an extract from a well sourced 'Dominion' story on the MFAT debacle.

"His plan to slash ministry costs and change the culture of the organisation is in tatters. Staff are unsettled and threatening to leave, the organisation is leaking like a sieve and his minister, Murray McCully, is heading for the hills".   

Ring any bells? Talk about concurrence - both Allen and Hammond are suffering under the shifting sands of ministerial responsibility. In Hammond's case it is the Mayor who calls the tune, and as erstwhile mentor exercises his malevolent influence over his hired 'hatchet man'. 

Reports from inside 'bullshit castle' tell of total confusion, chaotic decision making, an 'insider' group, back-stabbing and general mayhem as most if not all of the best qualified and competent head for the exits. They have taken one look at what the Hammond/Leach duopoly represents, and decided that TCDC no longer offers a climate where they wish to work.

I believe that the next is the crunch week when he will have to make an announcement as to who goes, and who stays. My sources indicate that that he doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind - hardly surprising in the light of his very limited hard management experience - he is floundering, and desperate for answers after having made his initial judgments based on information and instructions from Leach's office.

It is tempting to feel sorry for him, but he has form, and excellent qualificatiuons. He probably just never for one moment anticipated this situation in his next short term appointment. He needs to be very careful, because failure here could severely jeopodize his long term prospects.




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Reader Comments (1)

you are so right Bill - mayhem reigns at Council. Some excellent people have left - one in particular with a fantastic track record here and overseas has gone - to a better paid job with a huge staff and managers in his care -
Many others are applying for jobs elsewhere- good people don't remain where they are not respected -I fear we heading back to the late 1990's scenario once again - Council run by consultants and contractors - it will take years to rebuild the team- but in the comming months and years the decisions made now will be questioned and I fear the current lot of elected members will be found wanting and their backers embarrassed by their association with them.
The 'bloodletting' at Council is a total disaster - and I am ashamed to be a ratepayer of a Council that treats my fellow workers in such a way

March 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEt Tu Brute

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