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And this, is the Reaction

I am pulling this comment up, because it is important, and very disturbing, and appears to be from a staff member:

Anon. (Unregistered) commented on This, is a Disgrace:

 -- the current Councillors in appointing Hammond,'need to appoint a person who will--[amongst other things] :- Sect. 33 of the Local Government Act 2002 [b] imbue the employees of the Local Authority with a spirit of service to the community [e] maintain appropiate standards of intergrity and conduct amongst the employees of the Local authority [f] ensure the Local Authority is a good employer,and [g] provide equal employment opportunities

When Glenn 'throw a blanket over Thames and choke it' Leach said on the campaign trial 'that he had not read the LGA 2002 ' and didn't need to as it was the CEO job to know it' he was obviously being truthfull-- for he and the councillors have taken no heed of what the Act said they should do when appointing a CEO - and now they are all in the same boat- Hell bent in destroying an Award winning Council that was once widely touted as a leader amongst the local authorities.

I was drawn to this Council with its innovative employment advertisements on the TVNZ Breakfast show back in the early 2000's- --but this is not the Council of then- but a Council heading down a path of destruction, a Council where there is very low morale, backstabbing, broken promises,with a CEO seemingly out of his depth, and Councillors with no apparent care about what happens to the dedicated hard working staff ,of which many are an intergral part of our community/ social fabric.

Those supporters of some of the current elected need to search deep into their conscience - the builders/developers who contributed to the coffers of certain candidates-- is this what you really wanted- a Council on its knees - we sincerely hope not- but that it is what you have got!

I trust that councillors, and senior staff will get to read this, and understand the implications for our Council. 



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