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This, is a Disgrace

Just what is the basis of Mr Hammonds much vaunted management expertise?

In an unprecedented move, he has announced that the list of those who go and those who stay will be made available on Friday afternoon. This is a disgrace - not one of those affected staff will have the opportunity to seek counselling, or any other form of support - just out the door and home for the weekend to the wife and kids to tell them the news. 

It is no wonder that people (some vital to the organisation) are taking voluntary redundancy rather than face this Mickey Mouse process perpetrated by this whiz-kid from the South. What is even more disconcerting is that rather than attempting to modify his behaviour, certain senior staff members appear to have thrown their lot in with Hammond, and are a part of the cabal that is preparing for the day of reckoning. 

I am gutted at this destruction taking place within what was an excellent organisation that gave wonderful service to the people of Thames-Coromandel. The venomous self-interest, and vindictive desire to cause the maximum disruption will probably rank as one of the saddest events to have ever taken place within this District. But no - that is wrong of course - staff went through all this once before when Leach was on the Council. He has form, that is for sure.

To add to all the scuttlebutt and lies that were promulgated at election time, the board chairs and councilors stand charged of having been completely 'sucked-in' by Leach, and now, his hand-maiden Hammond. The sad fact it that none of them have the wit to understand just how they have been manipulated, and think that by keeping their heads down that they can avoid responsibility for what is going on. Well I am sorry councillors - it is not quite that easy.

I invite everyone and anyone who feels able to contribute in any way they can - particularly by providing personal support when the axe falls on Friday. If you  know the people concerned, please be prepared to drop everything and be on standby to provide support over the weekend. Do not, I repeat do-not simply assume that they are big boys and girls who should be able to handle it on their own. Make the offer!!!!

I will stand by my phone and welcome emails from anyone affected - I guarantee annonymity, but I need to get the stories out there so that reasonable people can judge for themselves. Treat whatever is promulgated by the now strengthened team of TCDC spin doctors with the greatest suspicion. The most beautiful web site in the world (well, in Thames at least) cannot disguise the glossy, self-serving sweet-talk by which they seek to influence rate-payers in this District.

I predict that Mr Hammond will live to regret having allowed himself to be used in this manner, and suggest that he sign up for the first HR course available, preferably one that teaches best practice when it comes to redundancies. The Human Resources Institute offers excellent courses - Here is the appropriate website




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Reader Comments (2)

-- the current Councillors in appointing Hammond,'need to appoint a person who will--[amongst other things] :-
Sect. 33 of the Local Government Act 2002
[b] imbue the employees of the Local Authority with a spirit of service to the community
[e] maintain appropiate standards of intergrity and conduct amongst the employees of the Local authority
[f] ensure the Local Authority is a good employer,and
[g] provide equal employment opportunities

When Glenn 'throw a blanket over Thames and choke it' Leach said on the campaign trial 'that he had not read the LGA 2002 ' and didn't need to as it was the CEO job to know it' he was obviously being truthfull-- for he and the councillors have taken no heed of what the Act said they should do when appointing a CEO - and now they are all in the same boat- Hell bent in destroying an Award winning Council that was once widely touted as a leader amongst the local authorities.
I was drawn to this Council with its innovative employment advertisements on the TVNZ Breakfast show back in the early 2000's- --but this is not the Council of then- but a Council heading down a path of destruction, a Council where there is very low morale, backstabbing, broken promises,with a CEO seemingly out of his depth, and Councillors with no apparent care about what happens to the dedicated hard working staff ,of which many are an intergral part of our community/ social fabric.
Those supporters of some of the current elected need to search deep into their conscience - the builders/developers who contributed to the coffers of certain candidates-- is this what you really wanted- a Council on its knees - we sincerely hope not- but that it is what you have got!

March 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnon.

Disgraceful indeed

April 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

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