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Bowling Green (2)

By strange co-incidence my Tuesday 5pm post has been followed by a press release at 6.39am this morning to announce the purchase of the land.

This after work has already started - the land preparation is well on the way to completion, and has been under way for over a week.

The release claims that the funding will come form the Thames Car Park Reserve, but no detail in that regard, nor in regard to the cost of the paving and marking.

The following is the most intrigueing part of the statement:

Chief Executive David Hammond said that the new public car park will not be available as 'all-day parking' for Council workers based at the MacKay Street offices.

Why on earth would the parks not be available for use for the use of 'Council workers'. One detects a political purpose. Why on earth would this stricture be applied when clearly the Council building does not currently meet the Council's employee parking ratio standards curently applied to all other building owners in the town.

This may constitute just another 'foot in mouth' statement made to deflect public criticism in the face of concern that the financial situation of the Council has been used as a major reason for the current round of redundancies. Both are major indications that this Chief Executive does not think before he jumps.

The purchase may be perfectly justifiable - it is simply that this  Council has treated its ratepayers like mushroms, and failed to keep it informed as to quite substantial plans, outside of its current Ten Year Plan, and after the proposal had been rejected by the previous Council on finance grounds. 

I repeat - nothing adds up, least of all the belated press release,



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Reader Comments (1)

Yeah right Glenn - community boards per sae cannot own land - why don't you just admit it is for Council workers carpark-[that is if there are any left after Friday!!]--- Council is woefully short of carparking- - but of greater concern is the Mayors comment --' offset by the future sale of surplus land by the Community Board' - pray tell Mr. Leach -what land do you have in mind? Maybe the old RSA building, the Endowment farm land, Deebles Estate ???- yet another of those behind the doors discussions??
about time the Thames Community Board and its Chair Strat Peters manned up and told the long suffering ratepayers of Thames exactly what is happening- if he actually knows himself - which I doubt--- Hopefully this is not a wholesale sell off of property to fund the much vaunted 'Zoom Zone' -aka Dry Floor Complex!!
Leach's ' throw a blanket over Thames and choke it' election promise now appears to have very sinister connotations for Thames in general- over and above the wholesale dumping of staff at TCDC

March 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

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