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These are the jobs that are to be dis-established, and re-deployed. 

  Table 6: Change in staff from 1 July 2011 budget

Permanently Disestablished   Redeployed
Group Manager, Policy & Planning
Group Manager, Environmental Services Director, Strategic Relationships
Strategic Relationships Manager Planning Manager - 12 month secondment
PA to Group Manager, Environmental Services PA to Director, Strategic Relationships
Policy & Planning Co-ordinator
Strategic Policy Manager Strategic Planning Team Leader
Strategic Policy Planner x 2
Capex Programme Manager Project Manager (Thames)
Facilities (Health & Safety) Co-ordinator
Development Planning Manager
Community Services Manager
Resource Consent Planners x 4 Customer Services - Planner
Governance Support Administrator
Manager, Building Compliance & Policy Regulatory Manager
Business Process Analyst
Environmental Services Manager
Senior Monitoring & Investigations Officer Team Leader, Monitoring & Compliance
Planning Technician Customer Services - Planner
Strategic Policy Project Co-ordinator
Temporary Project Co-ordinator
Senior Compliance Administrator Senior Administrator - Legal
Development Planning Officer
Operations Manager
Operations Administrator
Area Managers (current positions)
Rates Officer
Pool/Building Compliance Officer
Development Planning
LIM's Officer x 0.25
Projects/Asset Engineer
Senior Development Engineer
Graduate Policy Planner
Environmental Services Administrator x 2
Development Planning Administrator
Information Services Officer
Senior Building Compliance & Policy Officer
Management Accountant
New Roles
Area Manager x 3
Regulatory Administrator
Senior Compliance Officer
Economic Development & Communications
Compliance Officer x 3.5
Finance Administrator
Legal Officer
Governance Support x 2
Community Development Officer x 3
Subject to Outsourcing Proposals
Information Services Officer x 4
Information Services Team Leader
Network Engineer
Helpdesk Support Analyst
Temporary Junior Network Engineer
Information Management Team Leader
Information Management Officer x 2
Senior Software Engineer

(I am sory - this is confusing I know, but is the best my programme will allow)

I will compile posts on other aspects of the Reorganisation that was announced this afternon over the weekend. As an initial comment, I would have to say that there are laudable aspects to what is proposed, but the most hairy signaled intent is the deployment of staff to Whitianga and Whangamata - at first look totally illogical, and a knee-jerk response to the power-play of Keith Johnston in particular. As is to be expected, the document is full of MBA speak, and jargon of a high order designed to obscure the real intent. It will take some deciphering. 

The virtual dis-memberment of the Planning and Regulatory functions is confirmed, though I would like to look a little more closely at regulatory. I cannot imagine that we will be able to comply with central government planning requirements with this new structure, and it seems to me that planning will revert to the old annual plan model which proved such a disaster in the past.

Interestingly,  Peter Wishart is listed as "on secondment"  to the Planning Manger position - that must mean that he has a very expensive contract for Hammond to break. I was told that he would be the first to go, and was in Leach's sights right from the word go. It seems to me that the developers and builders who have provided so much backing for Leach will be well pleased with this result.   

Those who have lost out will now be at home, licking their wounds, and will need a great deal of support over the weekend. 




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