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3. Ten Year Plan - The Long Version

The layout is excellent, and the access likewise, though I remain critical of the decision not to distribute the Summary to every ratepayer in accord with past practice, and in line with other Councils.

No attempt is made to explain what is in each of the Volumes, so I will oblige:


Volume 1 - Vision, Strategies and Activities

Volume 2 - Financial Implications and Forecasts

Volume 3 - Policies and Statements

I intend to progress through each in turn and provide comment as and where I consider necessary.

So far, I have commented randomly on Rates Remission Policy, and the proposal to 'District" fund' 'Essential Services', only because they popped out when I opened the document.

It may be a disturbing document, but at least, it is easy to read, and for that one must give credit to the TYP Plan Staff - I hope they still have a job at the end of the process, but they like everyone else in B/S Castle will no doubt be on tenterhooks over the next three weeks. 


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there is a good explanation of the volumes here Bill

March 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterex-planner

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