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7. Thames - What's In ('Pet' Projects)

The major wins for Thames in terms of 'Pet' Prjects are the Zoom Zone Indoor Sports Facility ($4m. in 2014-16), the Skate Park ($161,000 in 2012/14), and the Swimming Pool ($1m. in 2021/22) The latter must be regarded as 'scoping' funding only - $1m. won't buy changing sheds, let alone a pool, and the whole pool and facilities has to move from its present site, so I guess it is just a case of getting on 'notice'. The engineering report said a life of 10 years in 2010, but I guess that can be stretched. Interestingly, Page 166 of Volumm 1 indicates that $5m has been allocated to the project - thought to cost all-up $15m, but this is not reflected on the table on Page 161. This is the way to keep everyone guessing, though it does say on P 166 that the project will involve 'community consultation' - fancy that!  

On the other hand Mary Hamilton's efforts to get the Zoom Zone up the priority looks to have paid off at last. Rate-payers had better get ready for a big hit - it will be directly targeted Thames rate of over $570 over two years, and that assumes it can be brought in for this amount - I suspect that it will be much greater, depending on the manner in which access to land is negotiated. The Community Board has been immensely supportive of this project ever since the election, so I guess it must be said that they have the mandate to proceed.

The Skate Park is a different animal - I can't remember that being spoken about during the election, but a number of young delegations have put their case to the Board, and have been listened to. It appears that the site has already been chosen opposite the Police Station, and adjacent to Porritt Park. It will surely require a Resource Consent, but residents along Queen St. better start making a noise if they are to get any say in this process. The noise will surely be coming from the site, but I guess that is a small price to pay for keeping the kids off the streets, and there are are so few sites around Thames that would suit the needs of a skate park. The proximity of the  Police Station may give comfort to some.  

Finally, the Rhodes Park carpark seal gets $138,000 in 2015/16, along with the Bourkes St. Landfill landscape - $144,000. 




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