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Aspirational Claptrap (2)

Just in case you missed them - here are two comments of relevance on this post:

What a total insult to the staff and to the ratepayer. Mr Leach stood in a staff meeting and proudly went over these values which were presented as Council expectations, and look at the place now. Staff are majorly demotivated, there is no trust, good highly knowledgeable and experienced people are already leaving. Stressed staff are approaching Mr Hammond virtually begging not to be let go, basically losing all dignity trying to explain the importance and relevance of what they do. I actually feel sorry for Mr Hammond who I think probably had been painted a different picture as to what he was coming to and letting himself in for. Its going to take years to recover from this. How will proposed generalist field staff cope with the highly complicated legal and statutory requirements required to run local government?

March 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnother Staff Member 

well, well -two strong posts and rightly so -Glenn 'Give me three years to get down to Thames, throw a blanket over it and choke it' Leach is certainly firing on all cylinders - creating mayhem and distrust amongst the staff of what was once held up as a good example of a progressive, award winning,forward thinking Council. Hammond seems to be at sixes and sevens over all of this - almost to the point of being out of his depth- a town planner who became a Council CEO - and probably never had to weild an axe in such a manner before - hence the conflicting emails and promises being made to staff - how staff will ever have any respect for either of these two remains to be seen - both on short term contracts- who knows where it will all end. Councillors need to reign in this seemingly head long rush into self destruction - was nothing learn't from the '95 debacle re staff? Where staff provided with counsellors during this process or left to fend for themselves with a 0800 number? No doubt Leach will be able to look his backers in the eye and say ' I did what you wanted' - but at what cost- cost in human and social terms is enormous ? Some excellent staff at TCDC have been pushed out and I fear there will be more yet to come -the ' blanket is over Thames and the CHOKE is on'

March 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter Et Tu Brute

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