Ten Year Plan
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 10:02PM
Bill Barclay

I have now finished my review of the Plan, and in an effort to avoid confusion I have numbered the posts that are directly relevant, and listed them below in reverse order:

1. Development Contributions Policy (3) - The developer pay-off

2. Heads I Win - Tails You Lose - 'District' funding of essential services.

3. Ten Year Plan - The Long Version - Preamble 

4. Funding Rate Decreases & 'Pet' Projects - Not rocket science

5. Aspirational Claptrap - Empathy and compassion!

6. Borowing Hazard - Dangers for young players!

7. Thames - What's In ('Pet' Projects)

8. Thames - What's In (Core Projects)

9. East v. West - Okay, its my hobby-horse, and I am not about to dismount. 

10. Rates Remission Policy - The 'fix' is in!

I think that is quite enough - I am fairly well done with it and have no intention of making submissions, but I am very willing to assist anyone else who is prepared to take up on any issue that I have raised to put together an effective submission. Mostly, councillors just pay lip service to the submitters (you must attend in person to have any effect - written submissions receive scant attention).

Submissions close at 4pm on 2 April, and the Thames hearings will be on 7 May - you will receive a firm time to make your submission. I will provide some guidance later on effective presentation, if required.   

On this occasion, I suspect that there may be a lack of 'confidence' around the table that may lead to more attention being paid than usual - particularly in regard to the new and controversial policies that have mostly been promoted by the Mayor - most of which I have drawn attention to in my posts, not that councillors or board members ever, ever read my posts, mind you.     

What I do wish to draw attention to is the splendid manner in which this TYP has been written and presented - it was a pleasure to read for the first time, even if some important information was left out, probably for sound political reasons. It was possible to read between the lines in most cases. 

The full document is well worth a gaze if you are able to get your hands on a copy, if only to see how a document on this nature can be put together with professional input. I wonder how much of that will be available post the current upheaval.




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