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Wonderful - a comment from the erstwhile Mayor of Coromandel - I thought he had died and gone to a better place, but look - he lives, and as cheeky as ever.

The reason for my absence is quite simple and I have no doubt will resonate with many.

I took the fateful step that should be avoided at all costs, or at least as a totally last resort - I changed my ISP. I went chasing the wonderful new opportunity offered by Slingshot of unlimited download. I guess I was one of hundreds, if not thousands chasing the same chimera over the last week. I filled in their forms (read the small writing - you literally give away your sovereignty), and they kindly advised Vodaphone (my ihug supplier) to transfer my account at 6pm on Friday. Vodaphone kindly cut me off forthwith, and for the entire weekend.

What a shemozzle - no instructions from Slingshot as to how to re-connect, and their customer service closes down for the weekend! Three promises from Vodaphone operators to reconnect me went nowhere and I was slowly steaming (but fully in control!).

Nothing happened until this morning when I was given apologies by both companies, (including an tempting offer from the Customer Loyalty Rep. from Vodaphone, and a $60 free month connection from Slingshot - good eh!), and an interesting but unintelligible  international conversation about the method of re-configuring my modem - I finally called in the good man from Computer & Network Systems who spent one hour solid, key punching to reinstate me - this time with Slingshot, and finally I am back in the land of blog.

What this allows me to do is install a Blu-ray unit beside the TV and start downloading a few videos from QuikFlix without having to be beholden to Rupert Mudoch and his thoroughly disreputable bunch of robber barons at Sky TV ("We are not a monopoly, you understand!") QuikFlix have done the unlimited download deal with Slingshot - all the other ISP's appear to be beholden to Sky through contractual arrangements - hence the need to change.

The next big question will relate to speed - QuikFlix assure me that our current copper service can handle videos (I understand that it buffers the download to avoid stuttering) - we will see, and I will let you know. You have to either have Sony internet enabled Bravia TV, or the Blu-ray unit at $164 to use the service. But at $9.99 a month for unlimited downloads it seems pretty well unbeatable - until the next new service comes along.They recommend a separate modem hard wired to the phone line - Wi Fi will work, but of lesser quality.

The only downside is all the extra costs I incurred today in changing over ISP's. Just for your information,  Vodaphone initially wanted to charge me $20 a month to maintain my incoming ihug email address - Xtra charges $2.50 for the same service. Vodaphone have now reduced it to $10. I will try to convert my address book ASAP, but it takes time. I now have billbarc on each, so I am now and ask that you change if you have me in your address book.

In the meantime, I intend to catch up on a raft of posts that have fallen behind.






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