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Whitianga on (reduced) Wi Fi

This is from the realm of Ripley's 'believe it or not':

"We think the reduced signal will be the win-win solution that solves this community issue. The local Internet cafe should not be competing with the library with a localised low-strength WIFI service targeted at people using their library from a dedicated space within the building" said Communications Manager Benjamin Day.

If any one can make head or trail of this wonderful piece of obfuscation from the TCDC Communications Manager, can they please offer a comment - it is quite beyond my admittedly limited powers of comprehension. And could someone please explain just how this solution accomplishes the "win-win" cliche. 

The sooner Mr Day gives up on his day job, and concentrates on economic development the better. 

And there are boundaries surrounding that job - direct quote from Mr Hammond:

"Where those employment benefits are identified, council may look at enticements around resource consents fees and development contributions. We want to cut the red tape and make ourselves more approachable as a council. The current staff restructuring will provide a one stop officer to help with the complexities". 

I guess that Mr Day is the "One-stop officer" that he is referring to. He certainly appears knowledgable about complexities.

"We are from the TCDC, and we are here to help". Help!





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