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I have had occasion recently to remove five separate comments that in my view veered off the subject of the post, or else strayed into unverifiable claim, or personal attack. 

Comments of this nature, particularly if anonymous, are problematic, and while attempting to maintain an "open" forum, I tend to apply caution in these cases. Strong opinions are welcome, but in the absence of settled legal precedent in regard to comments in particular, I must apply common sense when it comes to moderation.

I hope that this does not detract from the value of the site in the eyes of people who may derive enjoyment from the many and varied subjects covered. There have been hundreds of comments posted, and only a very few stopped. I do get an email each time a comment goes up in order to permit  moderation,  and seldom intervene.

This will remain an open forum on a site that has acquired a considerable reputation within the local area at least. I believe (and have been told by people with a wide knowledge of the subject) that it remains almost unique in the manner and market in which it operates. It will continue in this manner while I am able, and I ask forbearance in regard to the matter of moderation. 





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Come on Bill its been a week since you last blogged a lot of us waiting out here to hear from you and your entertaining view point

John Morrissey

April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Morrissey

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