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Leach at Large (2)

Just to add the icing on the cake, we were able to witness today an example of a Mayor who has no consideration for Standing Orders, and who runs the show totally in accord with his own needs and whims.

Leach stormed into the Thames Community Board Meeting at 11.30, and announced that he had an urgent Public Excluded item, and ordered the Press from the room. Robert Jeffares of Big Valley Radio was the only one present - I had left a few minutes earlier as it appeared that the Board was getting into its usual disorganised state arguing about minutiae.

Standing Orders require the title of any item brought forward as urgent into Public Excluded to lie on the table while its admission is debated, in public.

We have no idea of what the item was that was so important, or why it needed to be in Public Excluded.

As I departed, Robert was waiting to re-enter the room, and seek an explanation as to the reason for this course of action having been adopted.

It should be noted that Strat Peters was again absent - it appears that the olives are a pressing matter at this time of year! (he was also absent from the last Council Meeting on 18 April. Makes you wonder when they go on, and on about remuneration being inadequate, as they did again today.

Consequently, Lester Yates was elected to take the chair, and to be honest, while sincere, Lester does not have a clue about how to run a meeting.  However, there were staff present including the redoubtable Ross Pennington, and Margaret Harrison who are supposed to know the Stranding Orders, and clearly don't.

This is a disgrace, and hopefully someone will be hauled over the coals for allowing it to happen.




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