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Moanataiari $ Update

This information was extracted from Page 7 of the the TYP Submisions document is of vital importance for all ratepayers regarding the costs of testing to date. Remediation has not even commenced (apart from at the school):    

Staff recommendation
That the Council:
1. add additional text to the "Our Challenges and Opportunities" section to acknowledge that lead has been discovered at elevated levels at Moanataiari.
2. that the remediation of Moanataiari be acknowledged as a major project in the Hazard Management activity.
3. that $86,000 be allocated in the 2012/2013 year to cover a shortfall in the Moanataiari project budget for phases two, three and four.
Staff reason for recommendation:
Lead has been discovered at elevated levels at some properties on the eastern flank at Moanataiari. The health advice remains unchanged for residents, despite this new issue. 
The lead results may have implications on the remediation and mitigation strategies, but it is too early to be sure.                                 Remediation and mitigation strategies will be known by September/October 2012.
By signalling the remediation as a major project in the Hazard Management activity this is signalling that remediation works that Council funds will be funded through the Hazard Management activity (district wide).
The remediation of Moanataiari is a joint project between the Ministry for the Environment, Waikato Regional Council and TCDC. The Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund (through MFE) is contributing 50% of the project costs for phases two, three and four of the remediation project.  The remediation itself (phase five) remains un-quantified at this stage and will likely be borne by MFE and TCDC.
Due to early remediation works and an underestimation of project costs, there is a shortfall of $86,000 required as a contribution from TCDC for the 2012/2013 year.
$250,000 in 2011/2012 has been funded from TCDC's Disaster Reserve Fund. Staff suggest the shortfall of $86,000 required in the 2012/2013 year be funded from the Hazard Management activity as a new project.

That is $336,000 to date, and believe me, this is just the start - it has the potential to cost millions.

It would perhaps be prudent for councillors to be put aside their 'pet' projects, and establish a substantial Moanataiari contingency reserve within the TYP, or alternatively take steps to have the situation declared a 'disaster' so that the 'District' Disaster Fund may be accessed. Only problem - that Fund is just about as bare as Mother Hubbard's cupboard. 

So don't hold your breadth.




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