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TYP Deliberations

The summary of submissionson which the Deliberations from 14 to 18 May will be based are here. If you prefer to read the entire 339 page document - it is here.

Some stats:

678 submissions - 339 pages! - 50% answered the fixed questions.

Of the 279 not on the form, 185 related to an upgrade of the Mercury Bay Pool.

Of the other 381, 60 were from Thames Zoom Zone proponents, and 40 for the Tairua Sports Complex.

Of the 209 who answered "in general, how comfortable are you with the proposals", 45.5% were uncomfortable, 37% comfortable, and 17.5 no opinion.

The change to "Essential Services" brought out just 42% in favour, and 50 submitters (presumably septic tank owners) did not favour the 10% UAGC proposal.

A surprising 65% pf 181 agreed with the rates reemission for developers (some strong lobbying perhaps?).

Generally strong support for emphasis on economic development (and Granny's apple pie I suspect). 

There are apparently some Board submissions on the Community Empowerment model. That will be interesting - I will delve into them over the next few days, but don't expect turkeys to vote for Xmas! An examination of the submissions shows that Whangamata (as you may expect, has great enthusiasm for the model, and wants it funded immediately. 

The following is from the Thames CB Submission, and rings warning bells:

"Submitter #520 (Thames Community Board ) note their support for the community empowerment model that allows a Community Board to rate locally for any top up of district wide funding for local economic development projects and/or services pertaining to visitor information provision, event management and business support".


Inconsistencies in the draft document that originally went to Council continue through to the current Staff Recommendations in almost every case. They continue to provide the rationale for the irreconcilable - particularly in regard to the Essential Services proposal - it remains illogical, and essentially unfair to communities - particularly on the West Coast that have in the past had the utterly despicable Uniform Wastewater Charge imposed on them. This logic is now being extended to Water and Stormwater. I have dealt with these issues previously, and nothing has changed.

As for Stormwater, the unbelievable logic that is applied to the postponement of capital works continues into this document (Page44) :

"Although stormwater is an essential service for Council, the cost to provide the existing level of service has become unsustainable for the 2012-22 Ten Year Plan. The proposed level of service is intended to still protect habitable areas, with little provision to protect uninhabitable areas such as roads and sections.

This level of service will now drive improvements to be only undertaken if there is a risk of inundating a habitable area (this excludes sheds and garages). The level of service for stormwater infrastructure would limit spend to cater only for the highest priority works and maintain overall rates at a sustainable level".

You can now see how it is possible rationalise anything, when you are desperate enough!

And if you thought that the Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade would not affect your rates, consider this - the cost estimate is Water $2.7m, Wastewater $5.5m, Stormwater $2.9m, and Roading $2m, Total $13.1m. 

That is what the entire district is up for over seven years of rates bills under this uniform charging regime. The locals will pay for all the other ancillary stuff out of their Sub-division Reserve Account, but we all pay the interest and depreciation because the cost will need to be borrowed. It is staggering how this fact has been hidden during the process surrounding the acceptance of this project. Just be thankful that we don't have to pay for their sports complex, other than interest and depreciation of course. 

More later! 




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Reader Comments (2)

Whitianga's upgrade should all be coming from the Whitianga / Mercury Bay Development contributions fund, which by all accounts is substantial, and set to provide for water waste water etc.

May 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpensioner

Unfortunately old fella, the development ontributions in merc bay has been laergely cleaned out by the sports field project, and will be finished off by the main street upgrade and a couple of more minor projects. Remember too that only the part of each project related to growth can be funded by development contributions. The rest is funded District wide for waste water.

May 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGunna

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