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Council Staff Submisions on TYP

These are the changes requested by staff after the TYP draft was put to bed.


1. Change rate increase limit from LG Index + 2% to CPI + property (rating unit) growth. This follows the Nick Smith Better Local Government proposals to limit rate growth that penalise TCDC with its high absentee ratepayer level. Can't see how relevant this is with Leach's avowed intention to to maintain zero growth, but I guess that staff are more realistic and know what is coming after Leach's departure (and that begins to look a little more imminent than previously thought). (Baker)

2. $300,000 over 2012/14 for the Kopu to Kaiaua Stage 2 of the Rail Trail.  I can't imagine how this was left out of the Draft, but I guess it was just overlooked. I believe that most imagined that the original $450,000 put into the Trail was it - far from it, and wait for the other shoe to fall regarding the cost of of acquiring Totara land to avoid conflict with Ngati Maru over Wahi Tapu land - this was apparently the reason that the Mayor took the CB into Public Excluded last week. The commitment agreed to at that time is said to be 'commercially sensitive' - bollocks of course - embarrassment more likely. (Day)

3.  $60,000 over 2012/15 to do a deal with the Motor Caravan Association for Freedom Camping for self contained vehicles. To come from Wastewater Activity - so it obviously to put 'dumps' in place around the Peninsula. Wait till the cost of maintaining these comes to account. The MCA have proved very determined to get their way, and use their undoubted powerful membership to put pressure on the Council. Having Mr Day deal with this (and other projects) is becoming a more and more frightening prospect - he is clearly operating as Leach's right hand man in all these endeavours.(Day)

4.  $25,000 2012/13for "Gateway Signage" for the Peninsula  (Day)

5.  $10,000 per year for District Leadership Training Now this is a real Dozie - just wait for it - it is (i.e.) "to enable Whangamata Board Chair Keith Johnston to undertake an Institute of Directors training course in order to prepare him for his Audit Committee role". Notwithstanding that he has informed Council on many occasions of his superior qualifications as an ex. Deloitte partner. If this gets through, then I think we should all pack up and leave. The fund is to otherwise prepare elected members for greater community empowerment. This was also his idea, and he is going cost this Council plenty before he is finished - I think he sees an enhanced role ahead for himself in this organisation - to be a Council Board member on the Audit Committee is in itself a puzzling anomaly, and is not covered by the Act. Leach certainly puts himself 'out there' when he proposes 'chump-bait' of this nature.  (Baily) 


Staff were given a 5 and 10% operating costs reduction target in January and have been "working solidly" to achieve this. They won't provide the final budgets until this week, but clearly, a $5.5m reduction in IT projections (originally touted as a $9m reduction), goes along way to achieving the target. Every project without a supporting business case has been dropped. Mr Foster is reticent when it comes to explaining the implications of this change, but they will be severe - no organisation can afford to slip behind on their IT systems. You can save a few bucks by cutting back on the latest software and hardware, but it is only an easy touch for short term savings.

Otherwise, the water supply projects at Tairua/Pauanui and Matatoki/Thames Valley are in the gun with unspecified savings projected through JIT, and rigourous reviewing of the need for the Matatoki/Thames Valley scheme.

Matarangi stormwater improvements are out, saving $441,000, and the Whitianga Disposal Upgrade costing $640,000 likewise unnecessary, for reasons that are somewhat obscure.

$165,000 has been taken from the Customer Satisfaction Annual Survey by making it biennial over the ten years.

A number of planning changes are proposed by Leigh Robcke that show the depth of feeling about planning generally on this Council. I won't go into them here. Ben Day also wants performance measures for economic development taken off GDP and onto to Destination Coromandel's KPI's, and some nebulous Business Community Satisfaction Survey. That should be easier to fudge.

The remainder of the changes are minor, or of a technical nature.




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Reader Comments (2)

2] no body said this rail trail was going to be cheap - Hauraki District will do well from the venture - Thames is dragging the chain as per usual - great if we could swap Mayors-- [after all Leach is a Paeroa boy]- and as if $300k will be the final amount - more likely double that - and all in the Hauraki District area!!
3] Hopefully the MCA will contribute - they have the dump tanks and some funding---
4] support the 'gateway signage - though it should have been done [at least on the Thames side ]whilst the bridge was being built - as usual Council is playing catch up
5] what the -- so Keith Johnston can get training - give me a break- did we all come up the creek in cabbage boat?
Since when do Councils pay to up skill people who in their campaign speeches had all the answers to the Council ills??
Is this one of those thank you handshakes for helping to elect the current Mayor or maybe an early tilt at the top job - but there is no way surely that a Brd Chair can be on the Audit Comm. as a Council repres. - community empowerment gone mad--?
oops sorry - is the same man who is pushing for devolution back to the communities -- more power to the Boards ---- reversing Hon. Henry May's and Dr Bassetts Local Government reforms of the 70' and 80's under the guise of 'securing outposts before the amalmgamtion' [Leach] -
Where is this Council going in it's thinking-- maybe if they were a bit more honest and up front and not so much decision making behind closed doors type of Council we may have bought into what they are attempting to do -- but $10k to upskill Keith Johnston -- is that value for money in this cost cutting era ???????-- I think not

May 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEt Tu Brute

Right on the money brutus! By the way there are performance measures set in the ten year plan which are reported on ANNUALLY using customer satisfaction surveys. This council will be in breach of the LGA in not reporting, and will possibly end up with qualified annual reports. Oh well, they do save $165k a year by doing this!

May 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGunna

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