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QuickFlix & Slingshot

I promised back on 16 April to provide a report on the Quickflix and Slingshot services.

I can confirm that after the initial imbroglio, the transfer went smoothly, and that I have no complaints whatsoever.

On the recommendation of the Dick Smith guy from whom who I bought my Sony Blu-ray ($164), I transferred my modem and WiFi to a site adjacent to the TV (and dedicated phone socket), and bought a plug-in WiFi receiver ($60) for the computer. Tuning in on the TV AV button was easy, but you have to go through to the HD channel, then just push the button on the Blu-ray remote and you are home and hosed - up comes the choice of platforms including QuickFlix. Enter, and up comes the choice of movies. It takes a while to sort out what you want to watch, and there is a lot of dross, but if you follow the regular updates that QuikFlix send out, you have a pretty wide choice.

The download on the copper line has not been without the occasional hiccup, but it is dead easy to find your place on the movie if you are unable to re-start, and need to re-download. 

The satisfaction of not being beholden to the robber-barons of Sky is enormous. On a bad night (and there are plenty), just push the button, select a movie to suit your mood, and go for it. Could not be easier. At $10 a month (unless you go for recent releases at $7 a throw), it is not a bad deal.

If you do decide to switch, kindly tell QuickFlix that you heard it here first, and to send me a fat check for doing their sales pitch. As for Slingshot - they are as good as any ISP, and their $60 offer for unlimited download has much to commend it. They gave me a free month for the initial balls-up that left me without a connection for the weekend. I bet you would not get that out of Vodaphone.  




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