Hoadley Horror
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 3:28PM
Bill Barclay

In one of the most abject back-downs I have seen in a long while Cr Hoadley was made to look idiotic in the closing stages of today's Council meeting. It is just as well that her colleagues let her down gently, and that she finally realised that her motion to delay acceptance of a staff recommendation regarding delegations until the next meeting was withdrawn, just as it was to go  to the vote. Even she can read the tea-leaves.

It all happened when the delegations paper came before Council for the normally automatic approval. Suddenly we were subjected to a tirade from from Cr Hoadley because she claimed she had not been consulted as Chair of the Judicial Committee regarding the level and depth of these delegations - essential for the everyday working of Council, and without which officers put themselves and Council in legal jeopardy.

Hoadley insisted that all she wanted (along with her deputy - Cr Brljevich) was that they be the final arbiters on all Sec. 95 and 137 - non-notified consents. This represented a new low in attempts to grab power, and at the same time offer a gratuitous collective insult to those experienced officers who have been exercising these delegations since the year dot, but who now needed renewal of those delegations because of the recent re-organisation.

She appeared to only be supported by Brljevitch, and then only in  half hearted fashion. My feeing is that the other members of the Committee would have deserted her had her motion gone to the vote, and it would have been lost. The Mayor was exasperated, and with good reason. He tried every which way to talk her down off her high horse, but she then turned on him, and continued with her diatribe about nothing, that stretched collective credulity, if not patience.

She was in full gallop with banners flying, and lance at the ready, only to die in the ditch as reality penetrated. I cannot determine just what brings these outbursts on - I think frustration at the level of perceived intelligence surrounding her, but moreover, there appears a level of power freakishness that can only be satisfied through her being able to dominate. I think that at one point we were all holding our breath that she may threaten a resignation if she did not get her way. No such luck.

This was bad enough, but I am sure that we see more in the future. Staff find her impossible to deal with - not one, but many!




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