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CEO on Aquaculture

One comment in the last Chief Executive’s Monthly Report relating to aquaculture should give rise to a collective shudder around the District.

“The Council could work to try to ensure that future consent conditions for farming these areas include a compulsion that processing be done on the Coromandel. Alternatively, Council may also like to weigh up the costs and benefits of taking up some of the lease areas itself or in partnership.”

I presume that Mr Hammond expects to be taken seriously, and that he not simply ‘flying a kite’, but I cannot imagine any company serious player accepting direction from a consenting council regarding facility placement.  Good luck to Mr Hammond, on this, but he may find he is on shaky legal ground.

The second suggestion that Council may consider taking up some of the lease areas on its own behalf is even more contentious. In the first place, it is inappropriate for a consenting authority to become a competing entity in this manner. There already appears little or no understanding of the environmental dangers that lurk in regard to fin-fish farming – dangers yet to play out in hearings, should Government allow them to proceed. The current problems allegedly (Sunday-Star Times of 8 July) being faced by Regal Salmon in the Marlborough Sounds, though denied, are a warning of what lies ahead.  Even if the proposal gets the green light, there will be on-going surveillance issues requiring involvement of our Council.

Mr Hammond’s suggestion regarding involvement in this as a commercial venture is derisory, and the sooner it is knocked on the head, the better. He doesn't have to better than the last guy all the time to curry favour with Leach. This comment shows a disturbing level of immaturity.

By the way, there was a clear indication given by economic guru Ben Day at the 21 June Meeting that every effort would be made to 'fast-track' the consents for the fin-fish farming development. It is important that everyone who has concerns about this – environmental or otherwise, ensures that their voices are heard – it is just too important for the future of the Gulf that this rush be challenged. Ignorance and apathy are twin dangers, and councils concerned are being aided, abetted and egged on by a Government enamoured with aquaculture at any cost.




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